Self-directed clinical traineeships are planned learning experiences designed to meet an identified need, to learn new knowledge and skills or enhance current ones. Traineeships require the identification of learning objectives and a supervisor who will help you to plan learning activities that meet your objectives. The activity must be a minimum of 5 days and/or 40 hours in duration and must be less than 6 months in duration. The traineeship usually occurs in a full time block but part-time may be possible in certain disciplines. Applicants must procure a qualified preceptor.


Family physicians and specialist physicians licensed to practice and residing in Manitoba are eligible to participate in the program.


Family physicians can earn up to 50 certified Self-Learning MainPro+ credits for completing a clinical traineeship or fellowship. To be eligible, the activity must be a minimum of five days and/or 40 hours in duration. Upon confirmed completion of the traineeship, the learner will receive a letter of completion from the CPD Medicine Program. This letter of completion is required to claim certified MainPro + credits with the CFPC for a “Formal Clinical Traineeship/Fellowship.” Physicians can log into their CFPC account in the Members Area.

Specialists completing self-planned clinical traineeships wanting to receive Section 2 educational credits from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada can report their activity within MAINPORT.


The application fee is $200. This fee is non-refundable. Depending on the nature of the program requested, there may be additional supervision fees. A fee of $50 will be charged to extend or revise the traineeship. Maximum of two extensions or revisions per traineeship. Lenore Chipman Accreditation Specialist, CPD Medicine Program Office of Continuing Competency and Assessment Rady Faculty of Health Sciences University of Manitoba Tel: 204-789-3660 Fax: 204-789-3911 Email: