Continuing Competency and Assessment

260 Brodie Centre – 727 McDermot Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 3P5

Ph: (204) 789-3660
Fx: (204) 789-3911

Associate Dean – Continuing Competency and Assessment

Karen Appel, MD CCFP
(204) 789-3660

Business Manager – Continuing Competency and Assessment

Curtis Shonosky

Assistant to the Associate Dean, CCA Leadership & Accreditation Specialist

Lenore Chipman
(204) 588-8101

Director of Research – Continuing Competency and Assessment

Helen Mawdsley, EdD

Continuing Competency and Assessment Programs

Clinician Assessment Programs


Karen Appel, MD, CCFP
(204) 975-7791

Assistant Director

Jillian Horton, MD FRCPC
(204) 272-3189

Program Coordinator – Manitoba Practice Assessment Program

Debbie Lemkey
(204) 789-3220

Program Coordinator – Clinician Assessment Program

Bonnie Rehberg
(204) 789-3974

CPD Dentistry and Dental Hygiene

Director, CPD Dentistry/Dental Hygiene Program

Dr. Nancy Auyeung, B.Sc(Dent), DMD

Program Coordinator – Dentistry & Dental Hygiene

Sandra Iwankow

CPD Medicine

Education Director

Jeffrey Toews M.Ed.
(204) 789-3241

Assistant to the Associate Dean, CCA Leadership & Accreditation Specialist, CPD Medicine Program

Lenore Chipman
(204) 588-8101

Lead Program Coordinator – CPD Medicine Program

Ana Mullen
(431) 278-5715

Program Coordinator

Amanda Marten
(431) 373-9697

Program Coordinator

Sarah Harvey
(431) 373-9952

Online Learning and Technology

Technology Program Lead

Carole Marshall
(431) 338-5272

Promotions and Marketing

Promotions and Marketing Coordinator – Continuing Competency and Assessment Program and Research Assistant

Dori Rainey

Office of Educational and Faculty Development

OEFD Contacts


Joanne Hamilton, RD, BHEc, MEd, EdD(c)
(204) 977-5614