Grand Rounds, Journal Clubs, M&M Conferences and Small Group Learning Activities fall under a category of educational activities commonly described as Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS). Generally, a RSS is an activity that:

  1. is planned to have a series with multiple sessions
  2. occurs on an ongoing basis (at least quarterly)
  3. is planned by and presented to professional staff

All departments are involved in organizing RSSs and it is estimated they account for about 40% of all accredited CME. As such they constitute an important opportunity for learning and change and are a key component of any strategy aimed at the improvement of professional practice.

For specialists, teaching rounds, grand rounds, M&M rounds, journal clubs and other small group learning activities fall under Section 1 of the MOC framework.


The Max Rady College of Medicine requires that all Regularly Scheduled Series offered by Departments and their Sections must be accredited for Royal College Section 1 MOC credits. The Royal College allows for self-accreditation of such events, provided they meet the accreditation standards for rounds. The application form for self-approval must be completed and a copy submitted to CPD Medicine Program via email or by fax to 204-789-3911.

The Royal College offers enduring accreditation of RSS events and requires re-submission for accreditation only in the event of:

  1. change in the chair of the planning committee,
  2. change in the contact information OR
  3. change in in the title of the RSS series

The Max Rady College of Medicine requires Departments and their Sections who require Royal College accreditation for their RSS to submit a RSS renewal application to the CPD Medicine Program every three (3) years to ensure the University’s regular oversight of educational quality. Departments will be notified when this renewal process becomes due.

Please note the following important information:

  1. ATTENDANCE RECORDS: RSS planning committees are to maintain accurate records of attendance and to provide written confirmation of attendance to all participants on an annual basis.
  2. QUALITY ASSURANCE/AUDIT AND FEEDBACK ROUNDS: A reminder that quality assurance-style RSS that involve “audit and feedback” to participants may be eligible for Section 3 MOC credits, which are now both required for Royal College Fellows as well as being considered more valuable in terms of credit hours. Check with our office if you feel your group may be eligible for this higher standard of accreditation.
  3. FEEDBACK: University policy also requires ongoing on-site evaluation visits of RSS to provide feedback to planners about their compliance with accreditation standards.

For further information, please contact us.


  • RSS Policy

  • Evaluation Form

    Sample form.

  • Sign-In Sheet

    Sample form.

  • Conflict of Interest

    Fillable PDF sample form.

  • Certificate of Attendance

    Sample form.

  • Exhibitor/Sponsor Agreement

    Sample form.

  • Audit Form

    Sample form.

  • Self-Approval Rounds

    Process and form.