Patrick Burek, BFA MA, Med Counselling Psychology

Patrick is originally from Winnipeg, left, never expecting to return, but is now happily back! He began his academic life right here at the University of Manitoba where he completed his BFA (Honours) in Fine Arts and Psychology. Then, following some time living in Vancouver and Japan, he moved to Montreal and completed his Masters in Urban Planning. As much as he enjoyed practicing planning in places like Port Angeles, Minneapolis, and Toronto, he was inspired to study Counselling Psychology following community development work with ex-psychiatric patients living in urban communities. During his Master of Education in Counselling Psychology at the University of Toronto, happenstance lead him to a practicum placement at McMaster University where he continued to work as a Personal Counsellor, and eventually as a Manager in Student Services as well.

The ongoing challenge of practicing counselling with driven and intelligent individuals is his passion! Applying generalized psychological knowledge to the unique individual circumstances of the students with whom he works, engages him to be creative and thoughtful.

In his spare time Patrick is an avid motorcyclist and world traveler (doing both together is his idea of heaven!). Opportunities to seek out new experiences and engage in ongoing learning are central to his life: exposure to different cultures, ways of seeing the world and understanding it are an ongoing interest for him. The learning never ends!