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  • ACS Network Heart Attack Day 2021Apr 9, 20218:00 am - 4:00 pm


Digitally through the University of Manitoba

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Each year over 2,300 Heart Attacks are treated at St. Boniface Hospital.  The Manitoba ACS Network is committed to improve outcomes in these patients. This network is tasked to ensure that Heart Attacks patients have guideline based care optimally, consistently and safely administered throughout the province.  Our network employs Recommended Standards, Algorithms, review of local protocols, partnering with EMS and reporting of key performance indicators to ensure quality.  We have strong links to health care providers working at First Nations sites to address their specific needs.

The ACS Network annual “Heart Attack Day” is designed to teach Manitoba physicians, nurses, pharmacists, EMS and Educators optimal care of patients with Heart Attacks. Didactic lectures, workshops and panel discussions will be employed for this educational event.


  • To identify recent practice changes in the contemporary management of patients presenting with ACS from pre-hospital to rehabilitation
  • To acquire knowledge of the identification, treatment and follow up of cardiovascular complications related to COVID 19
  • To understand the unique challenges and recent quality initiatives that address service gaps in remote communities as it relates to ACS care in the province


08:15  Introductions

Plenary session #1: ACS treatment in the era of COVID

8:30  Diagnostic challenges in the era of COVID – Dr. Mahwash Saeed, MD

8:50  Incidence and outcomes of ACS during COVID – Dr. Umar Ismail, MD

9:10  How COVID 19 has impacted my practice – Mr. Neil McDonald

9:30  Q & A

Plenary session #2: Challenges in Rural ACS care in Manitoba

10:00  MD perspective – Dr. Adrienne Morrow, MD

10:07 – RN perspective – Ms. Desiree Riel, RN

10:14  EMS perspective – Mr. Ryan Sneath

10:21  Rural administrator perspective – Ms. Helga Bryant

10:28  Discussion period

11:00  Stretch Break

11:15  ACS Network Update: Looking to the future – Dr. John Ducas, MD

11:40  Quality Challenge – Dr. Lorraine Avery, RN, PhD, CNCC(C)

12:00  Lunch & Exhibitor Hall

12:15  Interactive EKG session – Dr. Liane Arcinas, MD, Dr. Scott Donald, MD and Dr. Andrew Morris, MD

13:00  Keynote speaker: The Past, Present and Future of regional STEMI care: insights from the Vital Heart Response Registry – Dr. Robert Welsh, MD

14:00  Breakout sessions

15:45  Summary of breakout sessions – Christopher Parr, MD, Dr. Evan Wiens, MD, MSc, Dr. Rob Ariano, Desiree Riel, RN and Abbey Mahon, RN

16:00  Future initiatives and wrap up session – Dr. Andrew Morris, MD and Dr. John Ducas, MD


Breakout Sessions

You will be given the option in zoom to choose 2 out of the 3 sessions.

  1. Research/Quality improvement focus
  • Who is a safe STEMI? – Dr. Christopher Parr, MD
  • Is CK useful in diagnosing ACS? – Dr. Evan Wiens, MD, MSc


2. Pharmacy Focus

  • DOACs in cardiac patients: where things can go wrong! – Dr. Rob Ariano


3. Nursing Focus

  • Early identification and assessment of patient with ACS: Understanding Rural/Remote Realities – Desiree Riel, RN and Abbey Mahon, RN



Physician: $150
Nurse/Other Health Professional: $50
Resident/Student/Trainee: $25

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Program Coordinator

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    Amanda Marten

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