Dieter Schönwetter, BTh BA MA Ph.D.

Dieter was born to a German father and a Paraguayan mother, both immigrants to Canada. He grew up on the Frazer and Veddar rivers. He joined the Dr. Gerald Niznick College of Dentistry in 2004 as the Education Specialist, became the Director of Educational Resources and Faculty Development, invited as Associate Dean (Academic) and most recently, the Director of Student Affairs and Academic Services.

Dieter enjoys learning with his students, playing with innovative teaching technology, developing new teaching strategies with his colleagues, and sharing teaching ideas with peers from around the world. In his day job, he is the Director of Student Affairs and Academic Services at the Dental College University of Manitoba. However, on weekends, he can be found chasing owls in the great prairies of Manitoba. He was influenced to be passionate by gypsies in southwestern Germany, is qualified to be indomitable by biking in the coldest weather in Manitoba and is accomplished as a world traveler with his family. He enjoys learning the ways of the Manitoba Indigenous people. His passion for capturing wildlife has him hiding in a “walking canoe” (marsh bird blind) stocking birds with his camera. Ask him about some of his stories and he is bound to share all sorts of adventures of stumbling over the unexpected, discovering the unique and coming face-to-face with the bizarre in nature.